Are there days when you need an extra hand, but not a full-time assistant? Modo
can help! Our experienced concierge team is available to assist you in your office,
while you travel, or just to help with things around the house. We can even help
with a special event or project anytime you need us, with no long-term
commitments or set schedules needed.

From finding the right plumber for your leaky sinks to planning your family reunion,
we are the extra hand that you could use. While you travel for business or for
pleasure, we will take care of your home and your pets, so that you can be sure
everything will be in order when you return. And for your business needs, we
provide business services from typing and filing to branding and web design.

Whether you are feeling overwhelmed or just too short-staffed to deal with the
demands of a special project or if you are in need of on-going support,
modo will

Our professional concierge services include such things as e-mail marketing,
administrative services, on-site event assistance, special deliveries, bookkeeping,
and even that "extra body" at trade shows or events!
Located in Central Florida, Modo di Vivere, LLC was developed in 2007 by a group of professionals that had met through jobs, schools, and
life. After months of discussions and planning (read, sitting by the pool), it was evident that it was time to take a leap of faith.

References are always available on request.